Pre-Flight Check-In

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In less than 9 days I’ll embark on a trip that comes with many mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am always eager to travel and that has not changed nor do I expect it ever will. On the other hand, I will be opening and closing many doors, flipping pages back and forth between chapters of my life, and processing an immense amount of emotions that I never could have predicted would all appear in the span of a mere 6 months.

I’d like to start by thanking those who have inspired me to re-engage here. I didn’t intend to disappear for as long as I have. I simply became overwhelmed. Lately, I tell complete strangers about my recent journey and my blog, and they want to hear more! I become more and more compelled to share and find those nuggets of experience that might inspire, teach, or entertain others. I recently happened upon such strangers at a popular restaurant in a popular part of the city and honestly, the reason I’m sitting here writing tonight is because of them. Because they supported me and believed in me and wanted to hear more, I write.

This is not to say in any way that those before them were not as inspiring. It just so happened that their presence was at the end of a very special day for me. Their human kindness was icing on the cake (perhaps the decadent chocolate cake they were enjoying). It was as if I just needed to hear one more person tell me to share my story.

So I travel. It is what I do. Some might say I run away; I’m looking for an escape. No, that’s too simplistic. I travel because if I don’t connect with people from all over the world, I feel empty. I want to know how the rest of the world lives. How do they interact with each other. How do they survive. What drives them to get up in the morning. Is it to care for their grandfather? Is it to feed their children? Do they love to share their art? How can I learn from these strangers, some who don’t speak my language? What can I share with them?

This trip will combine my usual curiosities with grieving, closure, re-connection, mending, camaraderie, the list goes on. This will probably rank as one of the most spiritual journeys of my life so far. I traveled fairly extensively after my first divorce in search of answers and new beginnings. Looking back, that was child’s play compared to the upcoming embarkation.

Stay tuned… T

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