The Sound of America

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Author’s Introduction:

After returning from world travels over the course of 3 years, I found myself noticing the pace and sounds of my surroundings.  They were more pronounced than I remembered.  I sat at a BART station in the Bay Area and wrote the following brief poem.  I am practicing my writing and taking the time to capture thoughts in the moment.  These thoughts were a brief reflection of my opinion of America.  The United States of America is an amazing place.  I discovered what I love about this country while traveling to others.  That is one of the great beauties of travel.

The Sound of America

My pace is so calm in the mayhem.

Everything moves frantically while I slowly walk through the scene, unaware of each person’s motivation to hurry.

I don’t see them.  They barely see me.  I can’t bring myself to move any faster.

My energies have grounded me, holding me in place while everything else spins around me in a controlled chaos.

I am strong but lost.  I am tall but can’t see over the scene.  I am brave but afraid of my situation.

The sounds intensify but differ than those I’ve heard elsewhere in the world.

This is the sound of America.

The sound of power and opportunity.

Where the haves and the have nots are important.

Where success defines you.  Where your little piece of this heaven labels you.

This is where anything can happen.  Where the freedom to do what you want is valued and fought for.

No matter the name at the top, every American fights every day to maintain the freedom to choose.

These are the sounds of the daily battle.  The battle for a choice.  The battle to make a mark.

Anything is possible.

No one will stop you from doing something different, trying something new, going down a path no one else believes in.

This is the sound of America.

In Closing:

Thank you for reading.  To learn more about me, head over to my About page.  Feel free to Contact me and leave comments.  I love it!

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