Would you Drink Pool Water?

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After writing several blogs on fluoride in drinking water and the negative effects that has on our cells and brains, it just left us with more questions.

For example:

What other chemicals are in water that we shouldn’t be drinking?
Are there other chemicals in drinking water that we should know about?
Are the chemicals in drinking water causing greater number of illness?

If you missed the fluoride blogs you may want to give them a quick read first.

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First of all, No! We would not drink from the pool, and it’s not just because of all the dirty kids peeing in there.  The pool is filled from the same tap water most of you drink.  So you’re asking “well if it comes from the tap and you’re not worried about pee then what is the problem?”

The key word here is chlorine.  We know chlorine is an important part of our water supply and pool treatment to keep dangerous organisms at bay and our water clean.  No one wants to be sick from bacteria and parasites in the water, least of all me.

We have traveled to Thailand many times and gotten sick from unclean water and there is nothing more miserable in the world.   However, are the dangers of chlorine in our bodies worth the illness we prevent?  Are there other forms of water purification that are more effective, cheaper than chlorine and don’t harm us?

Don’t know what’s in this water!

Chlorine was first used as a disinfectant against cholera in London in 1850.  In 1897 chlorine was again used to disinfect drinking water from typhoid.  In the early 1900’s Britain was using chlorine in many of its water supplies showing a massive reduction in illness from cholera and typhoid.

The U.S. took note of what England was doing with chlorine in the water supply and in 1908 the U.S. started using chlorine in the national water supply. Major Carl Rogers Darnall, Professor of Chemistry at the Army Medical School, gave the first practical demonstration of this in 1910.(1)

Chlorine has been used as an effective deadly military weapon starting in 1915.  In 1915 the Germans (also responsible for the use of fluoride in water of concentration camps) used chlorine against the French in the battle of Ypres.  Chlorine was also used to kill soldiers in World War I and II.

We were shocked to read about the lives killed from chlorine in wars and knowing it is in our drinking water and swimming pools is less than settling.

We also discovered that the EPA has labeled chlorine as a pesticide.

Who cares, right? Why would the US, England, Australia, and most of Europe use chlorine if it can kill us, or make us ill?  A small amount won’t hurt us, will it?

So let’s ask the experts.  How much research has been done on chlorine in drinking water? As of 1951 – ZERO.  That’s right, almost fifty years after pouring chlorine into our drinking water not one person or group had researched what it can do to humans who drink it.   The earliest research paper that studies the impacts of chlorine and disease was not published until 1987.  There must be something dating back further but we can’t find it.

Let’s fast forward to the current time and the vast studies that have now been done on the effects of chlorine in our drinking water.  It shouldn’t be that bad, right?  After all we have been adding chlorine to the drinking water for over 100 years with no sign of slowing down.

The primary danger of drinking chlorinated water is in its biochemistry.  Chlorine is extremely reactive and oxidizes when it comes in contact with lipids in the water.  The result of this oxidation is a massive amount of free radicals that you ingest into your body.

Here is the short list of findings from researchers:

(I am replacing bullet points with links to research journals so you can read more about the studies.)

Cardio vascular disease– In the simplest form, when chlorine enters your body it acts like bad cholesterol and attaches to your arterial walls. When your body’s defenses kick in and goes to remove the fake cholesterol it doesn’t happen.  Your body cannot remove the unnatural fat from you arterial walls and build up starts to rapidly occur. It is not just bad diet that is causing heart and cardiovascular disease to sky rocket.

Chlorine and Cancer- Due to the massive amount of free radicals generated by chlorine it wreaks havoc on your body and can increase cancer.

Examples of cancers increased by the consumption of chlorine:

  • 80% greater risk of Bladder cancer. (2)
  • 44% higher death rate from gastrointestinal and urinary tract cancer. (3)
  • 1/3 of all breast cancer is caused by chlorine.

Chlorine isn’t done yet.

Chlorine inhibits Zinc from working properly causing your DNA to mutate and you to prematurely age as a result.   As zinc stops functioning in our bodies, our vitamin D levels stop their important processes. Vitamin D is responsible for the health of 20 different tissues in your body including your brain.

I think you are getting the picture.  You don’t want anything to do with chlorine in any way. But in case you’re still not convinced, I have attached this info graphic explaining how important good bacteria is for us.

Thanks to Labroots

Why is knowing the good of bacteria important?  You guessed it, chlorine kills the good bacteria in your body at a faster rate than it kills the bad bacteria.  Chlorine can kill as much as 85% of your good bacteria.

So how in the world do we keep from ingesting chlorine?
First, don’t drink or cook with your tap water unless you’re 100% sure it’s chlorine and fluoride free.
You must STOP drinking soda and any other beverage you’re not 100% sure does not contain chlorinated water.  Yes, that includes many beers but here’s a list of safe beer
All those coffees from Starbucks.  What water do you think they use when they make your fresh hot coffee?  Tap water!
Not possible you say?  It is possible.  Just ask France.   If you lived in a country that was in a war and had chlorine gas kill many of its people would you ever ingest chlorine? Well neither does France.  France uses ozone filtration.  Ozone filtration is a more effective sanitizer of water and costs much less than putting chlorine into the water.

If you chose to start a cycle with LIFESTYLE150, you have to eliminate chlorine and fluoride and be as clean as you possible can.  Trust us, it sucks at first but you will thank us after only a few weeks.  You will continue to feel better and better months later by eliminating these toxins.

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